Greetings Friends, Family and Fans of LifePortalPro!

Good afternoon friends and family! It’s been a little while since we have spoken to you, so we are taking some time to catch up.

In the holiday and winter interim, we have taken steps to build a demo to display basic functionality and show what we are capable of. The demo is complete, and should be up on the site here within the next couple weeks.

In addition, we have reached out to test groups to determine which skills to build into a beta and version 1 of the game. The surveys have recently been closed, and considering the results the data is showing, along with the design ideas being floated around the office to tie them all together, we believe we will deliver a fantastic product to you, your family, and your little ones’ school environment!

In addition, we have been invited to Collision ALPHA Conference taking place in New Orleans April 30-May 3, 2018, which we are very excited about! This will give us the opportunity to really spread our message far and wide as we continue this wonderful journey!

We pledge to continue keeping you posted on updates and milestones. Thank you all once again for your support!

Chris Mitchell, Founder/CEO

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