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Lifeportalpro is bringing its first game to life!

Use your hidden talents to become an ace human in this all-new game!

LifePortalPro will be releasing its first game demo, a web-based game that will teach important life skills to children of all ages in a fun, interactive environment, on August 1, 2018! You can see and play the demo here:

We here at LifePortalPro aim to expand upon the latent skillset found in all of us, and work to help players find a develop practical skills in a fun, gaming format. – Chris Mitchell, Founder/CEO

LifePortalPro supports inclusion by providing access to our world-class curriculum games, embracing inclusive participation in our games, and offering support to educators through consultation by our team members. Inclusion is not just a strategy for helping all children overcome challenges; inclusion is a way of life at LifePortalPro.

I am impressed by the quality of information you guys have put together, keep up your good work! – “Zaphirha”, Online Administrator, Inexfuture Clan, Destiny video game

LifePortalPro is a pioneering online gaming platform that provides casual games that will teach practical life skills to more than 100 million gamers around the world. Skills such as basic financial literacy (how to make change, read a bank statement, and so on), tying a tie, and changing a tire will be a regular part of the curriculum. In addition, users can update and manage their account, compete against their friends, and/or set up clans for competitive online play.



Schools and school districts will also be targeted, as we will sell packages to their administrators, and work with them to further enhance their current academic curriculum.

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